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THE HOT SEAT: Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware

Isaac Morton's passion for quality cast iron cookware led him to found Smithey Ironware Co. and his love of open fire cooking made our Kettle the perfect addition to his backyard. 

THE HOT SEAT: Kristian Niemi of Bourbon & Black Rooster

Cooking and entertaining are an integral part of this chef’s life, and he brings life to any event when he’s participating in it, especially if there’s something to be cooked over an open fire on a Sea Island Forge Kettle.


This year we’ve all been home more than we’re used to, maybe more than we’d like! And whether it’s families with children or empty-nesting couples, the struggle is real to keep dinner fun, interesting, and healthy (maybe).

THE HOT SEAT: Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke Competition BBQ and A Sharper Palate

A household name on the competition BBQ circuit, Tuffy Stone has a philosophy that we can get fired up about.  “Fire has this quality about it where people as a group come together. It’s a gathering point"

THE HOT SEAT: Anya Fernald

I love a good instagram rabbit hole. I’m fascinated by the amazing companies and the talented people pouring their hearts into their passions. This is how we met Anya, the co-founder and owner of Belcampo Meat Company.

THE HOT SEAT: Jay Ducote of Gov't Taco

Jay has made a name for himself when it comes to all things sizzling on a grill. Pancakes for 30 on our griddle - no problem. The whole kitchen sink on our grill for an LSU tailgate - a breeze!

AT HOME: Nick and Beth Richardson

Since “going out” became “going outdoors”, our Forge Families have found themselves spending more time around the Kettle. We caught up with Nick & Beth who bought a Kettle as a housewarming present for themselves (smart!) It’s since become the centerpiece of time spent with their girls.

THE HOT SEAT: David Carrier

Based in our hometown - The Golden Isles - Chef David Carrier of Certified Burgers and Beverage is a big guy with an even bigger heart.  Along with wife, Ryanne, Dave and several other local chefs have spearheaded a program called Meals to Heal providing dinners for families of single mothers.  He shared his delicious Al Pastor Marinade with us and why he loves cooking on his kettle “It’s just the versatility...You don’t have to move: the appetizer, entree, to roasting marshmallows and sipping bourbon.” We like his style!
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