We forge heirloom quality pieces to help you forge memories.

With backgrounds in construction, custom furniture, product design, photography and art, Steve and Sandy Schoettle envisioned a business that combined their respective crafts and a passion for bringing people together. Today, the Schoettles and their team of talented artisans have built just that with a line of legacy pieces that perfect the fireside experience. Outdoor gatherings around a roaring fire and the simple, meaningful traditions they foster are the cornerstone of the Sea Island Forge lifestyle.

Since the Schoettles' signature product, the Sea Island Forge Fire Kettle, made its successful debut at the Sea Island Farmer’s Market in 2014, the growing team of metalsmiths hasn’t looked back and introduces new designs regularly.  


Forge Family

Steve Schoettle,
Co-founder & Owner

Along Steve’s journey from art major at Auburn University to professional contractor, he took an interest in the art of welding and enrolled in classes to learn the technical aspects of metalwork. Add that technical skill to his artistic and design talent, and Steve soon became well known for his custom metalwork in the construction industry.

But as their children left for college, Steve and Sandy also had a vision for a business that would allow them to work together, travel and meet interesting people and SIF was born. The business has flourished and as a co-owner, Steve has new roles to play, yet he is still active at the Forge developing and creating new products and custom work.

“My SIF creative philosophy is form follows function. Our products need to look good, but most importantly they need to work perfectly.” 

Sandy Schoettle,
Co-founder & Owner

Sandy is a native of Connecticut who grew up in southern Florida. Having spent countless evenings by beachside bonfires up and down the East coast, she is well acquainted with the traditions that form the ideology behind the company. “It’s all about relationships for us, deepening the ones we have and developing new ones. All of that happens effortlessly around the fire.”

An accomplished photographer and artist, Sandy has partnered with her husband Steve to bring the idea of SIF to life. “We took our ongoing conversations and ideas - many of which originated over a meal by an outdoor fire - and started a company that we could build and enjoy together as our children left the nest,” says Sandy.  

Corbet "Sarge" Nichols,
Operations Manager

Running the day-to-day operations at the Forge is a force to be reckoned with who we affectionately call “Sarge”. And after serving two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Army, he has most decidedly earned that respect.

Raised on a horse ranch in Oklahoma, Sarge is definitely an outdoorsman. An avid hunter and fisherman, he’s also a husband and gentle giant Dad to two little girls and a son. Sarge also gives back to homeless vets and his local church raising money with his handmade wooden flags and farmhouse tables. And ask him his favorite movie, without hesitation.... Lonesome Dove. To sum it up, Sarge lives by one code -- God, Family, Country. 

Randie Whisenant, Welder & Studio Supervisor

Randie is a Master Blacksmith, metal studio manager and team leader. He oversees production in the workshop. Both of his grandfathers were blacksmiths and he is proud to be keeping the tradition alive. He is a modern-day Viking and loves leading reenactments and fabricating historically accurate weapons and lifestyle pieces from mead horns to shields. Randy’s son Gerrick has joined the team at Sea Island Forge to further his family legacy.

Al Crouch,
Lead Welder

Al is a metalsmith apprentice that is so hard-working and diligent that there have been times that he has to be told it’s time to take off the gloves, it’s the end of the day. A natural conversationalist, his charm is welcomed at the trade shows educating customers on Sea Island Forge. When he’s not working, Al’s passion is restoring war artifacts.

Michael Bytnar,
Shipping Coordinator

Michael found his way to South Georgia from Murphrysboro, IL by way of Ft. Stewart where he was stationed as an Army Cavalry Scout. He’s also spent time as a Correctional Officer so we know he keeps the Forge guys in line! With 4 children and a pup named Sadie, he probably doesn’t get a lot of free time, but when he does he’s hunting.

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