SIF Kettles are built to stand the test of time. The materials we use are specific to each application and are chosen for different engineering purposes and food safety. SIF can help you to create a unique culinary experience, whether you are smoking, roasting, simmering, or searing on a large scale, we have and can make the gear for you. 

The flavor options are endless, so get creative with your open fire cooking.



Smoking Jacket & Rack System

Rack (Steel, 5 shelf slots)
Shelves (Stainless Steel, 4 shelves)
Smoking Jacket (Aluminum, Hinges stainless steel)

How to use:
Build fire in Kettle bowl, feed as usual. Close Smoking Jacket to contain heat and smoke flavor.

-Smoking jacket cover hinges on top as well as on the doors, and allows for a halfway open position to get to what you are cooking.
 -Shelves are removable, you can pull shelves out and they will stay cantilevered out (will not fall). -Mounted with T-bolt locking system to lip of Kettle.
 -Thermometer(s) can be mounted to either door of smoking jacket, per chef preference.
-Total cooking surface for 4 shelves is 28 square feet. Additional Shelves can be added upon request.

Smoking Jacket & Carrousel Rotisserie

Burn Tower (Steel)
3 Horizontal Support leg (Steel bar)
1 Vertical Support leg (Steel bar)
Carrousel Rotisserie Attachment (360 degree rotation)
T-bars and S-Hooks (Stainless Steel, 1/4" rod)
Smoking Jacket (Aluminum, Hinges stainless steel)

How to use:
Build fire in Kettle bowl first, then feed logs into top of burn tower. As the logs burn, the hot coals will fall into bowl. Close Smoking Jacket to contain heat and flavor.

-The burning tower allows the heat to rise up and radiate out. Feeding the fire from the top of the Burn tower provides the broiling heat via broiler ports, as opposed to radiating up from the bowl of the Kettle.
 -Rotisserie Rack at top of burn tower rotates 360 degrees for even cooking.
-S-hooks hanging from top and the T-bars are through the actual birds. Length and number of T-Bars and S-hooks per chef preference.
-Smoking jacket cover hinges on top as well as on the doors, and allows for a nice halfway open position to get to what you are cooking.

Dutch Oven Tree

Dutch Oven Tree (Main post, Belt ring clamp, Stainless Steel. Lip mounting plate Steel)
Adjustable Arms with T-bolt adjusters (Stainless Steel)
*Dutch Ovens NOT included*

-This was designed to carry the weight of multiple Dutch ovens all the way to the ground. The Dutch oven Tree clamps on to lip of Kettle, the belt ring bracket, and has a support trunk all the way to the ground.
-Multiple Dutch Ovens can be hung from arms and swing a full 360 degrees while remain stable.
-Multiple arms can be used in tandem at various heights for precise temperature control. T-bolt sleeve on Trunk allows easy height adjustment. -Stopper welded on end of each arm to prevent Dutch ovens from slipping off the end.

Locking System for Kettle

Safety Feature for Events, Restaurants, and Venues.

Steel T-Bar (Stainless Steel) Threaded Rod & Chain (Stainless Steel)

-Lock NOT included
-Installation not included, you will need to: pour foundation concrete, drill hole in concrete, clean dust out of the hole, use high strength concrete epoxy and insert threaded rod. Once dry, lock threaded rod and chain to T-Bar inserted into Kettle drain hole. High Strength Concrete epoxy can be found at your local hardware store, and will fit standard caulk gun.
 -Standard Kettle Drain Holes are 3/8".
-To use Locking System, Drain Hole needs to be enlarged to 1". If you already have a Kettle, inquire how to do this. If you are purchasing new Kettle/Professional gear, we will enlarge for you prior to shipping.

Large Heat Dome

Heat Dome (Aluminum, 36" Diameter, 6" tall)
Handle (Aluminum, hollow for heat distribution)

Thermometer can be mounted per chef preference.

Asador Cross

Ships Wheel (Stainless Steel)
1 Main Vertical Post (Stainless Steel)
3 Horizontal Cross Bars (Stainless Steel)
2 90 degree hooks
2 45 degree left hooks
 2 45 degree right hooks
1 Skewer Hook, 6" long with 2 pieces of stainless metal

-T-Bolt Mounting plate at bottom of ships wheel body secures this to Kettle.
 -Ships wheel is used to raise and lower the vertical post.
-Horizontal cross bars are adjustable on the vertical post with T-bolt adjusters.
-The various hooks mount onto the horizontal cross bars to secure whatever you are cooking.
-Skewer hook is used to provide additional structure and support to items cook (Rib roast, Cabbage, Multiple Onions, Etc.)

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