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Grilled Fruit Sangria

Need An Idea To Get This Party Started?  You've had Sangria, but have you had GRILLED Fruit Sangria? Grilling the fr...

Caribbean Ceviche & Pork Skewers

We are chillin' & grilling' with some flavorful island dishes and making the most of evenings around the fire. Fo...

Host The Perfect Oyster Roast

To Roast or To Steam, that is the question... An oyster roast is as much about the event as it is slurping those succ...

Open Fire Cooking: How To Grill A Steak Over Charcoal or Wood

Heat and smoke from cooking steaks over an open fire produce a rich, robust flavor that can’t be beat. The smoky tast...

Tailgate Season & Open Fire Wings

Chef Jay Ducote's Take on Wings for Tailgating!   By Chef Jay Ducote, of Gov't Taco I love chicken wings. They're inc...

Smokeless Fire Pits: How to Make Your Fire Pit Smoke Free

Smokeless Fire Pits: Are They Really Smokeless? There is nothing more enjoyable than having your friends and family o...

Wines For Summer Grilling

Chill by the Grill with these fabulous wine pairings

The Table Top

Your Kettle becomes an all-season entertaining piece with a Table Top! When you're not burning in the Kettle, it becomes your outdoor dining, serving, and game space. Beautiful, functional, and versatile, they're a must have for your outdoor space.

FIRED UP for July and S'meaches

The perfect flavor combination - S'mores + Peaches = Sweet Summer Snack

FIRED Up for June and Summer Cocktails

Longer days call for more time outside and refreshing summer cocktails are in season!

FIRED UP for March & Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls cooked over the fire are the perfect blend of smoky & sweet.


We love that wood flavor + ease of charcoal. Here's some tips on how to incorporate lump charcoal into your open fire grilling game.
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