Surf & Turf for Two


You don't need a date on the calendar to celebrate with someone special. In fact, it might be even more fun it's planned "just because". And the less complicated, the more you can enjoy just being together.

Plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of cut firewood and start the fire about an hour before cooking. [Build the Perfect Fire] Now you've got time to pour a glass and relax while the fire develops a nice bed of coals for cooking. 

And gourmet doesn't have to mean complicated and time consuming...Like this meal of filet mignon and lobster tails paired with sides of potatoes, grilled asparagus and Romaine. Simple but special.

Dinner for two by the fire pit

The trickiest part of cooking over open fire is getting your timing down. It takes some practice, but the flavor it imparts is well worth the effort! As the bed of coals develops, go ahead and put your foil-wrapped potatoes directly into the coals. They will take about 45 min to an hour. (This is a good time for some wine & cheese!)

We put the steaks on for about 7-8 min per side depending on how thick the steak is and desired temp. The lobster took about 4-5 min per side, and we used a Sop Mop to baste with butter. Cook the asparagus for about 4-5 min flipping with Tongs periodically. And last but not least, add the halved Romaine lettuce for a quick sear of about 30-45 seconds each side. 

Dinner for two at homeEverything on the Grill is kept simple too -- a brush of Olive Oil, some salt & pepper, and maybe a dash of Italian seasonings or your favorite rub on the steak. Then let the open fire do its thing. We love to eat Kettle-side and enjoy the warmth of the fire, adding a blanket if it's extra chilly.

And of course it's fun to top off the evening with a grown-up version of a dessert that speaks to the kid in all of us. Here we made S'mores with chocolate-glazed cookies and berry-flavored marshmallows. It hit just the right note on the palate and to end the evening by the fire.


Valentines Dinner at Home






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