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    Do you make all of your products?

    They say it takes a village... for us, it takes a Forge and a Foundry. At the Forge, we design each product and our metalsmiths create them by heating the metal in a hearth (also called a forge) and shaping them by hand with a hammer or other tools. The one metal item we cannot produce ourselves is the Kettle bowl. The bowl is cast at a foundry, a facility that melts metals into molten liquid in their special, industrial-sized furnace. That liquid metal is then poured into a mold creating our cast iron bowl. Heating and shaping metal at a forge is a completely different process; therefore, we partner with a foundry to cast the bowls using molds that are Sea Island Forge proprietary design, engineering, and specifications.

    We partner with several companies for the supply of raw materials, which we finish and assemble at the Forge as well as a Georgia leather goods company for our waxed canvas & leather items.


    Can Sea Island Forge Kettle Accessories fit on other fire pits?

    Our Accessories are designed and built to fit Sea Island Forge fire kettle dimensions and unique specifications and may cause damage to other manufacturers pits/kettles.


    How much does it cost to ship a fire kettle?

    Kettles are shipped with freight carriers due to the size and weight. The cost of shipping varies depending on weight and distance, commercial or residential and the services needed for delivery. Please call our office to get a personalized shipping quote: 912-580-0346.


    How do you care for/maintain the kettle, will it rust?

    Season the kettle occasionally by wiping it down (inside & out) with vegetable oil before your first burn and in between burns – treating it like your cast iron skillet.  The kettle will develop a red patina of surface rust. Being cast of ductile iron, it will not typically rust, chip and flake off like grey iron will.


    What type of wood do you use to cook?

    The species of wood can influence the food flavors as much as your seasoning.  Use only dry, seasoned wood.

    Oaks:  Oak, is one of the hardest and densest woods and it burns hot and long- great for barbecues.  It’s great for grilling but doesn’t have as much flavor as fruit woods, although it does impart a strong smoky flavor.

    Fruit:  The fruit woods, like apple, almond or cherry are perfect companions for grilling. Their sweet, smoky aromas are great complements to your food.

    Hard:  Some of the strongest smokey flavors come from hardwoods like hickory and mesquite, they complement certain meats and poultry but have a very distinctive aroma.

    Avoid:  Woods like pine or juniper burn quicker and cooler and give off very potent resin aromas which are off-putting and don’t work with food. Some can even be toxic so avoid these woods!


    Can I use charcoal?

    Yes, charcoal can be used.


    After I place my purchase online, when can I expect my order to ship?

    Non-freight orders ship within 48 hours of purchase. Freight orders will ship between two to three weeks after the order is received.  


    How do I place a custom order?

    Contact our sales department 912-580-0346.  Have measurements or other helpful information (material, finish, images) ready before you call as we will need as much information from you as possible in order to generate drawings for your approval.


    What method of shipping do you use?

    We ship with FedEx, and use FedEx Freight Shipping for Kettle and Kettle accessory orders. Feel free to call us with any shipping questions you may have. For additional shipping information Click Here


    How do gift certificates work?

    Contact our sales department 912-580-0346 or purchase on our website.  The amount purchased will be credited towards the total amount of regularly priced items.  Each certificate has a unique serial number that is necessary in order to redeem the amount.