Father's Day Gift Guide For Grillers

Some of the best times we’ve shared with our fathers involve sitting down to a delicious steak or impeccably cooked chicken dinner that dad seared, sauced, and flipped with love so we could fill our hearts (and stomachs) with memories to last a lifetime. If this sounds like a familiar setting, you may want to stick around and continue reading.

As Father's Day draws near, we've curated a collection of gift ideas for the grilling enthusiast in your life. Regardless of whether your dad is a seasoned pro or a novice in the realm of open-fire cooking, these Father's Day grill gifts will enhance and streamline his culinary experience. 

Here is our list of must-have Father’s Day grill gifts:


For The Dad Who Appreciates Precision and Speed:

ThermoWorks Thermapen®,
ONE Meat Thermometer

Price: $99.95


One of the biggest challenges of cooking over an open flame is ensuring that food is cooked to the proper temperature. Unlike an oven, where heat is regulated electronically, providing a high degree of predictability, there will always be variability when it comes to open-fire cooking.

Accurately measuring the internal temperature is crucial for safety and achieving the desired texture and taste. When it comes to getting it right, the ThermoWorks Thermapen ONE is the gold standard.

One of the hundreds of satisfied reviewers of this product said, “Terrific. More than just a fun gadget. An everyday must-have tool for perfectly cooked meats.” 

This thermometer reads an extremely accurate measurement within just one second or less. It boasts industry-leading accuracy to half a degree: ± 0.5°F (±0.3°C). This small gadget has an impressive amount of features: an automatic backlight for easy nighttime grilling, an auto-rotating display, motion-sensing sleep, and wake mode. Its rugged case is waterproof up to 1 meter in depth. If your dad happens to cause some damage within five years of ownership, it’s covered under warranty.

This meat thermometer is a reliable and durable tool that offers convenience, accuracy, and ease of use for any grilling enthusiast.


For the Dad Who Loves Making Great Food and Great Memories:

Sea Island Forge,
Grilling System

Price: Starting at $2,900, depending on size and accessories

SIF_Fathers-Day_Carousel_2-minIf your dad loves sharing the outdoor cooking experience with friends and family, the Sea Island Forge Grilling System is the perfect gift. This unique grill doubles as a fire pit and elevates outdoor cooking to a memorable experience centered around both quality food and quality time.

The Grilling System is completely customizable and built around a durable, heirloom quality 30 or 50-gallon Sea Island Forge fire pit. The addition of artisan-crafted attachments provides next-level precision and allows dad to have complete control over his cooking experience. Bundling these attachments can save you up to $900.

Some of our favorite options include the Grill, which easily attaches to the SIF fire pit and can be raised or lowered with one hand using our patented Ratcheting System for precise temperature adjustments. The stainless steel Heat Dome locks in the flavor, and the Flat Top Griddle is great for cooking everything from breakfasts to fajitas. Visit our bundle page to find the ideal options for your dad.

One reviewer says, “We shopped around for months, and this really is the best fire pit grill on the market. It raises/swings/and gives the complete control you need with the ease of use of a removable attachment. Knocked it out of the park with this one.”

The ultimate outdoor gathering centerpiece, this versatile gift will serve as both a grill and fire pit, designed to withstand the test of time and create memories for the entire family for generations to come. 


For the Dad Who Loves Cookware Versatility:


The Perfect Pair

Price: $499


For dads who enjoy versatility in their cookware, Smithey’s Perfect Pair Bundle is the gold standard. Handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina, this thoughtfully curated set includes their 12” Farmhouse Skillet, No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet, Standard Length Skillet Sleeve, and Full Grain Leather Potholder.

Whether he prefers open-fire cooking, grilling, oven baking, or stovetop cooking, both the cast iron and carbon steel skillets are up to the task. Built to withstand high heat, they deliver exceptional performance across all of these cooking methods.

The potholder and skillet sleeve are both highly heat resistant and can be used to grab hot stuff straight off the flame, or they can be used as a resting place for a hot skillet.  

First-time Smithey customers often become champions for the brand due to the high quality of their products.

One reviewer says, “I have had my farmhouse skillet for two weeks now, and it is all I use. We absolutely love the way it cooks and the very easy cleanup. It is very beautiful and gets a lot of compliments. This is my second Smithey pan, and I won’t use anything else.”

Smithey's confidence in their product quality is exemplified by their lifetime guarantee. Crafted for longevity, these heirloom items are thoughtfully designed to be cherished and passed on from one generation to the next.


For the Dad Who Knows a Great Meal Starts With Great Meat:

Hassell Cattle Company,

Premium Steaks

Price: Box Packages start at $119.99


If your dad loves the taste of the steaks from the nearby grocery store, just imagine the difference in flavor profiles when he grills farm-fresh American Wagyu beef. Ingredients matter, and these steaks are top-tier. 

Hassell Cattle Company is a family-owned farm that ships quality guaranteed steaks directly to your door. Their cows are carefully raised on a 100% natural diet and given no hormones or antibiotics.

It’s no wonder reviewers love their wonderfully marbled beef. One avid fan stated, “I will be purchasing my steaks from you exclusively! The absolute best steaks I’ve had!”

Shop the Hassell Farms website for everything from traditional cuts like Sirloins and New York Strips to the ultra-luxurious Tomahawk Steak. Their box packages are the perfect Father's Day gift, providing an opportunity to sample an array of delicious meats and choose favorites for future orders. 

They ship Monday through Wednesday of each week, and if you order before Wednesday at noon CST, you’ll receive the order Friday of the same week. If you’re prone to procrastination,  the Hassell Cattle Company has you covered. You’ll want to eat all meat within one week of arrival.


For the Dad Who Wants to Baste Like the Best:

Sea Island Forge,

Sop Mop

Price: $150


Want to really dial up the flavor on dad’s grill? The Sea Island Forge Sop Mop will take those open-fire wings and bbq ribs to the next level when dad smothers them in his favorite sauce. 

If your dad is already a bbq boss, he’s probably using a traditional cotton sop mop that soaks up too much sauce and is hard to clean or a silicone brush that doesn’t absorb enough sauce to transfer to the meat properly.

The Sea Island Forge Sop Mop is the solution to the problems of traditional basting brushes. It has a chainmail mophead that grabs and transfers tons of sauce or marinade, giving your dad complete control. The mophead can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

The 20” tool has a hand-hammered, ergonomic handle, providing extra durability and comfort. 

One reviewer says, “This tool is a game-changer for grilling enthusiasts. Its removable mop head grabs lots of sauce and seasonings, imparting more flavor to your food. The hand-hammered, ergonomic handle ensures durability and comfort. Highly recommended for serious grillers”

The best Father’s Day gifts are the ones that make your dad’s life easier. The Sea Island Forge Sop Mop definitely simplifies saucing, marinating, and basting, providing him a secret weapon to save time and amplify flavors.


For the Dad Who Has (Almost) Every Outdoor Cooking Tool:

Sea Island Forge,

Pigtail Grill Tool

Price: $80


If you’re looking for a truly innovative grilling tool, you’ll want to consider the Sea Island Forge Pigtail. While the traditional spatulas and tongs seem to handle most food items well, there are limitations, most of which your dad probably knows already. 

Heavy cuts of meat are hard to hold between tongs and can add strain to the griller’s hands. The unique design of the Pigtail leverages the griller’s natural hand position allowing for a simple flick of the wrist to flip large pieces of meat. The sharp tip avoids tearing food and keeps the juices where they belong - in the food. 

The stainless steel, hand-hammered tool features a curled hook at the end of a 20” or 26” artisan-crafted shaft. The durability and design are huge differentiators from the flimsy aluminum grill tools you’ve seen before. If your dad happens to be a lefty, he’ll love that we have a Pigtail made just for him.

One reviewer boasts about the quality of the tool, “The Pigtail Grill Tool was the perfect gift for my husband, and he hasn't stopped raving about it since! The quality of this product is truly unmatched, and he even told me that he prefers it over any other grill tool he's used in the past. It's become his go-to tool for all of his grilling adventures, and he considers it his right-hand man.”

Our grillmasters at Sea Island Forge use this game-changing tool for practically everything, from huge ribeyes to delicate vegetables and fruit. After just one use, your dad will wonder how he ever grilled without it.

[Can’t decide between the Sop Mop and the Pigtail? Check out this great bundle offer]


For the Dad Who Loves Bold Flavors:

Cúrate at Home,

Spicewalla Trio

Price: $20


Traditional sweet and spicy rubs rarely disappoint when it comes to cooking over an open fire, but some dads really love to flex their culinary muscles and enhance the rich, smokey flavors from their grill with an international flair.

If this sounds like your dad, he’ll love this Spanish-themed collection of spices from Cúrate At Home. The Pincho Moruno rub is bursting with warm flavors like cumin, coriander, and nutmeg, while the Spanish Paprika adds exotic sweetness to meats and vegetables alike. The Nora Chilli Flakes are a staple in Spanish Cuisine, adding the earthy undertones you love in tapas and paella to any dish.

Imagine capturing the flavors of Spain and delivering them to your backyard. This Cúrate spice trio makes it possible.


For the Dad Whose Chef’s Knife Just Isn’t Cutting It:


Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Chef’s Knife

Price: $137


If your dad has been eyeing that professional quality knife but hasn't pulled the trigger, this may be the ideal gift for him. A good knife is essential for precision and efficient cutting, and a well-crafted knife can even become a cherished family heirloom.

This 10” knife by Dalstrong is feature rich with the versatility to handle everything from cutting through steaks like butter to breaking down game. Its curved shape provides the right amount of leverage so the user is cutting, not sawing. The blade is long and narrow to make smooth slices. The handle is triple riveted to feel sturdy in your dad’s hand and provide durability for years of use.

Dalstrong has an excellent reputation for delivering exceptional value and high-quality knives. As one reviewer describes, “Beautiful and very well made! The blade is very sharp. More than pleased!”

The manufacturer is so confident your dad will love it as much as the hundreds of other happy customers; Dalstrong offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We hope this list helped you choose a Father’s Day gift as special as your dad is. Enjoy delicious food and great times while creating fun memories on this special holiday.

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