The Tastes, Smells, and Sounds of Fall

From the crunch of the leaves under your feet, to the warmth of a cozy sweater, the smell of a pumpkin latte, and the glow of a fire, Fall is a sensory experience like no other season! Sandy asked some of our Forge Family friends what gives them the Fall vibe. Maybe you'll adopt a new dish, or tune, that creates an autumn experience for you!

Oysters over open fire

Longtime friend Chef Jason Stanhope of FIG in Charleston chimed in on Thanksgiving - man, we'd love to be at his house!

Sandy: What's the dish that signals Thanksgiving for you?

"For me the canned cranberry sauce represents Thanksgiving. It's literally the only time of year where that crazy cranberry jello is acceptable."

oh, yeah, the stuff with the rings in it from the can - haha!

Who would you love to invite to your Thanksgiving table?

"I really miss my pops during the holidays.I definitely with he was at the table with my 2 boys and gorgeous wife. I would love to stay up all night smoking the turkey with him. It was a rite of passage when you were finally old enough to." 

What a great memory & tradition! Speaking of tradition, is there one that you've taken into adulthood?

"Thanksgiving Hangover Sandwiches are my favorite tradition. Generally speaking it can be better than the original meal!!"

Hmmm, yours must be better than our sad little turkey sandwiches. You'll have to share your secret!


Sandy: "What is a dish that says FALL for you?"

"Carrot Cake - my recipe that beat Bobby Flay!" -- Vera Stewart, The Very Vera Show

Go Vera!

"¡Canelones! Oh wait, change that, Squid Ink Paella on the SIF Kettle. It's warm, and full of delicious seafood flavor, and it's pitch black - perfect for Halloween. Oh, and Butternut Squash Soup. Okay, I have to stop now!" -- Chef Katie Button of Katie Button Restaurants

"Bourbon Pecan Pie" -- Nathan Martin, Go Forth Goods                          

Emphasis on the bourbon!

"Oysters on the fire of course! Simple with Saltines & cocktail sauce" -- Melissa Ippensen, Barnsley Resort

Bourbon by the fire

Sandy: "How about a favorite drink when the temps drop?"

"I prefer an Old Fashioned when the weather starts to cool off." -- Joe Kwon, The Avett Brothers

"Palo Cortado Sherry" -- Katie Button

"Bourbon, or a little 'shine if you can find it!" -- Melissa Ippensen

Go Girl!

"Mine is Russian Tea, it reminds me of my childhood." -- Vera Stewart

Sandy: OK, last, what's your sittin' around the fire song?

"Folk Music" -- Nathan Martin

"Robert Earl Keene - Feeling Good Again" -- Melissa Ippensen

"The UGA Fight Song!" -- Vera Stewart

We agree! Go DAWGS!

"Alela Diane speaks to me on a cold Fall morning." -- Joe Kwon

Personally, we like the Avett Brothers!

"My kids are obsessed with 'Spooky Spooky", it's on repeat in the car!" -- Katie Button

Hopefully they'll be done after Halloween!








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