How To Stop Your Fire Pit From Smoking - Use Seasoned Firewood

You've planned your evening around the Kettle... menu, beverages, playlist. But did you think about the most important ingredient? Firewood. Specifically seasoned firewood. Quality firewood will keep your fire burning AND keep you from playing musical chairs to dodge the smoke. After all smoke follows beauty, and we don't want you to have a face full!

First of all here's what we can't change:

*  Wind Direction - Though you shouldn't start a fire in high wind conditions. Even light winds can have the smoke changing directions. The best way to counteract is to produce less smoke.

*  Sciencey stuff about pressure systems and vortex and oxygen flow and we won't even go there.

Here's what you can do:

*  Use seasoned wood

*  Chop wood and use smaller pieces to start the fire adding larger ones later (Read about Building the Perfect Fire)

What is seasoned firewood

Properly seasoned firewood means it has low moisture content so it burns easier, cleaner, more efficiently, and generates less creosote. The key to seasoned wood is storing it properly allowing it to cure.

How to store firewood

*  Stack firewood off the ground. The ground holds moisture, even hard surfaces will retain moisture from the wood. Pallets work well.

*  Allow exposure to wind and sun to aid in curing the wood. Tarps that cover a woodpile completely trap moisture. 

*  Use a cover that keeps rain and snow off the top layer of wood but allows sides to remain open. An open-sided shed, a tarp with a frame, or a Log Rack.

*  To season faster, cut logs to length and split the wood to increase surface area.

*  Let wood stand for 6 months prior to burning.

Our Log Rack checks all the boxes.

log rack for firewood storage

With good wood comes a great fire. Now you know how to season and store it. Read HERE about laying the perfect fire. for your Kettle.



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