FIRED UP for March & Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

For a weekend breakfast treat or an after-dinner dessert, try cooking cinnamon rolls over the fire. The perfect blend of smoky & sweet. Once the fire has burned down to a bed of coals with little to no flame, you're ready to go!
prepare cinnamon rolls cooked over campfire
What You'll Need:
  • Roasting Forks or Sticks
  • Refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls - regular size (large ones may not cook through)
  • Melted Butter
  • Extra Cinnamon - we used Spicewalla brand
Step By Step
  • Slide uncooked cinnamon rolls all the way onto Roasting Fork or stick.
  • Hold about 6" above the Kettle and brown top, bottom, and all sides for about 2 min each. (10-12 min total) If they brown too quickly, move higher from the heat.
  • They are ready when the center slightly pops up and they slide cleanly off of the fork.
  • Baste with butter
  • Give them an extra shake of cinnamon
  • Ice the top and enjoy!

roasting sticks and campfire cinnamon rolls

We love to see our friends making memories around the Kettle! Send us your photos or tag us on social media @seaislandforge.

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