Going out to the movies in your own backyard is the perfect way to spend your evenings this Fall and through the Holidays. It's cozy, easy, and the Snack Bar always has your favorites!

It can be as simple as a sheet and projector. Or, make it an event with a fire in the Kettle for popping popcorn and roasting marshmallows for S'mores. The fire adds a warm glow and as the coals burn low, add the Spark Screen and enjoy your "last glass". 


We've packaged just what you need and added in some extra savings! Have a Kettle already? You can still enjoy savings with an Accessories Only Bundle.

  • Choose your movie. Check out this list of Family or Holiday favorites that even adults will enjoy.
  • Check projector connections.
  • Bring quilts, blankets, & pillows for lounging.
  • Snack early, but wait 'til sunset to start the movie.

  • Use the Side Kick for a skillet or Dutch oven and pop popcorn the old-fashioned way. Sprinkle with seasonings while warm.
  • For S'mores, top Graham Crackers with chocolate and place on the lip of the kettle for perfect melting!
  • Add the Spark Screen as the fire burns low.


*Smithey Ironware: The artisanship of their cast iron cookware honors classic vintage style with modern technology and processes. Bonus: they're beautiful too!
*Condor Chocolates: With an Ecuadorian background, these chocolatier brothers produce rich chocolates in a multitude of delicious flavors. 
*Hostess Provisions: We're partial to the Pimento Cheese Spice, but the entire line redefines the Southern art of entertaining for the modern host.


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