At Home: A Fireside Chat With Megan Stokes and Family

If you’re looking for inspiration on everything from impeccable home design projects to fun-loving gift guides for every occasion and fashion finds, look no further than the Instagram of Charleston-based Megan Stokes. Her eponymous blog and Instagram are full of wonderful finds, her adorable family, and their new home in the historic Old Village of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  

Megan gifted her landscape design-loving husband, Brandon, our 50-Gallon Fire Pit and griddle attachment, and it’s been a source of family fun ever since. From easy-going guitar and s’more sessions to family breakfasts and burger nights, we love seeing her cute crew enjoying the magic of gathering and grilling around the fire. Check out her awesome Q&A on why she loves the Sea Island Forge lifestyle.

What’s your favorite thing about being around the Fire Pit?

The warm flicker of the fire feels like instant relaxation. Brandon loves to play his guitar while we’re sitting around the Fire Pit, and our children enjoy making s’mores! (As do I!)

You spend a lot of time with your family; how has the Fire Pit changed your time together?

Lighting the Fire Pit is an activity for our family that puts us at ease more than anything else we do. It just feels like “home” to us. On a Saturday 

IMG-2481 (1) (1)-1

morning, Brandon will light it up while the kids run around in the yard playing. We sometimes even make breakfast right on the Fire Pit! I can’t think of anything else we have that gets us all outside enjoying each other’s company in such a simple way.

What is your favorite feature of the Fire Pit?

I love the boot rail! My feet are always propped up on it, getting nice and warm.  Did you know - our boot rail is designed to stay cool to the touch meaning no burned shoe bottoms?

You mentioned Brandon was excited to do smash burgers on the Griddle. How was that?

Honestly, the best burgers we’ve ever had! We had friends over to enjoy them with us, and everyone kept raving about the taste. I believe anything made outside tastes better, but they were incredible and so fun to prepare on the griddle.

What are you looking forward to cooking on the Fire Pit that you haven’t tried yet?  

We are hoping to grill beef and chicken skewers this summer!

IMG-2482 (1)-1

We love the Spotify playlists you recommend on IG. Is there one you’d recommend for summer and outdoor entertaining?  

We love listening to Tyler Childers and Chris Stapleton's Around the Fire. Also a big fan of CAAMP!

Your favorite summertime cocktail or mocktail to sip around the fire? 

We are big fans of “ranch water,” which is a blanco tequila, a shot of lime juice, and then filled to the top with a very fizzy plain seltzer. (Topo Chico is best!)


IMG-2485 (1) (1)-1

Is there a recipe you and Brandon are fired up to make this summer? 

A low country boil is always a go-to for us. Shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes…can’t beat it!

If you’re going to put your feet up on the boot rail and read, what book would it be?

I’m very into Karen White’s Tradd Street Series. Each book is based in Charleston, and although they feel like “beach reads,” they also include some spooky suspense!



Thanks for the fireside chat, Megan! 

Follow Megan on Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and of course, her Blog too!

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