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With respective backgrounds in construction, custom furniture, photography and art, Steve and Sandy Schoettle envisioned a business that combined their artistic talents, business savvy and creativity with their passion for entertaining and travel.  Today, the Schoettles and their talented team of artisans are building just that – a line of masterfully crafted legacy pieces that focus on bringing together family and friends. Outdoor gatherings around a roaring fire and simple, meaningful traditions are the cornerstone of the Sea Island Forge lifestyle and one they hope to share with you.

Since the Schoettle’s signature product, the Sea Island Forge Fire Kettle, made its successful debut at the Sea Island Farmer’s Market in 2014, the growing team of talented metalsmiths hasn’t looked back – debuting new heirloom quality designs regularly. 





“Form follows function at Sea Island Forge. Our products need to look good, but most importantly they need to work perfectly.”

For over 20 years, Sea Island Forge co-founder, Steve Schoettle, has owned and operated APEX as a professional contractor building and remodeling upscale homes in Georgia’s Golden Isles, St. Simons and Sea Island. Along his journey from art major at Auburn University to becoming a licensed builder, Schoettle took an interest in the art of welding. He enrolled in classes where he learned the basics of metalwork, and most importantly, how to “read the weld” and understand the raw material. His technical know-how transitioned into TIG welding where the artistic form came into play. Perfecting his craft through continued study and trial and error, Schoettle added a metalworks division to APEX. He has since earned a widespread reputation as one of Georgia’s most accomplished metal smiths, specializing in custom metalwork. Click Here for examples of Sea Island Forge’s custom metalwork from gates and juliet balconies to chandeliers and andirons.

“Sea Island Forge is a natural extension of my existing design business and we are excited to take years of experience in the trade and apply them to a different selection of products geared toward outdoor entertaining.” – Steve




“We took our ongoing conversations and ideas – many of which originated over a meal by an outdoor fire – and started a company that we could transition into, travel with, entertain, and meet new people.”

An accomplished photographer and professional artist, Sandy Schoettle has partnered with her husband to bring the idea of Sea Island Forge to life. Sandy is a native of Connecticut who grew up in southern Florida. Having spent countless evenings by beachside bonfires up and down the East coast, she is well acquainted with the traditions that form the ideology behind the company. Sandy oversees the sales and marketing for Sea Island Forge, and her creative eye is the spark for many new product ideas.


A forge is a place where metalsmiths work their craft using a hearth - also called a forge - to heat metals allowing them to be hammered and shaped. Our metalsmiths use a variety of techniques to achieve the hand-forged, artisan SIF products that you will use for generations to come. The one metal piece we cannot create at the Forge is the Kettle bowl - molten metal must be poured into a mold at a foundry to create the bowl. We have a foundry partner who uses our proprietary design and specifications for this process.

Each piece is crafted with great skill and pride as we hope they become a part of the memories and traditions you forge with family and friends.



Metalsmith, Bladesmith, Designer

Randie is a Master Blacksmith, metal studio manager and team leader.  He oversees production in the workshop.  Both of his grandfathers were blacksmiths and he is proud to be keeping the tradition alive.  He is a modern-day Viking and loves leading reenactments and fabricating historically accurate weapons and lifestyle pieces from mead horns to shields. Randie’s son Gerrick has joined the team at Sea Island Forge to further his family legacy.




Al is a metalsmith apprentice that is so hard-working and diligent that there have been times that he has to be told it’s time to take off the gloves, it’s the end of the day.  A natural conversationalist, his charm is welcomed at the trade shows educating customers on Sea Island Forge.  When he’s not working, Al’s passion is restoring war artifacts




Gerrick is following in his father’s footsteps as a blacksmith.  He is the youngest member of the team but happens to be the tallest!  He knew at a young age that being a blacksmith was what he was meant to do.  Gerrick never lets the grass grown under his feet, you’ll always find him with a purpose-welding, fabricating parts and cleaning the studio.



Sales & Shipping Manager

Hello, Sea Island Forge! When you dial us up, the friendly voice on the other end of the phone is Molly.  A natural juggler, Molly wears MANY hats and answers MANY questions.  She will tell you that her job boils down to "making our customers happy.” She’s on it with orders, shipping, logistics… and when her office mates have a technology melt-down, she’s the IT department as well. 

Off-duty, Molly tends to her beautiful gardens, raises orchids, and is Dog-Mom to four furry 4-leggeds including a blind rescue big boy and a teeny-tiny dachshund named Ruby.  Her favorite thing to cook on the kettle is fish tacos with corn tortillas on the Griddle.



Marketing Manager

A talented wordsmith and conversationalist, Suzanne loves furthering the growth of Sea Island Forge into new markets through our affiliate program, product promotions and partner outreach.  With a love of adventure and an eye for the perfect kettle placement, she’s constantly on the hunt for new inns, lodges and resorts to bring into our partner program.  

Beyond Forge life, Suzanne teaches fitness classes, travels, sneaks off to the beach with a good book, and tries her best to love cooking.  Her favorite thing to cook on the kettle is the Thanksgiving turkey - spatchcocked on the Grill with the Heat Dome - the juiciest best bird ever!   She also takes care of her husband, kids, two dogs, and a cat.

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