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    Surf & Turf for Two

    Mark special occasions by dining "out" at home. What's cozier than cooking and relaxing by the fire together?

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    Sales SIF, February 08, 2021

    THE HOT SEAT: Dave Snyder of Halyards Restaurant Group, St. Simons Island, GA

    Chef, restauranteur, and avid fisherman, Dave Snyder loves the "old school" element of cooking over an open wood fire. His recipe for Georgia Speckled Trout with Crab Scampi Butter Sauce features his love for locally sourced seafood.

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    Sales SIF, February 08, 2021

    THE HOT SEAT: At Home with the Osbornes

    "You can find us around the Kettle morning, noon, and night!" says Libba Osborne, of her family of four. As they've spent much more time at home, the SIF Kettle has become a gathering spot for the Osbornes and added some spark to family meals. Take some inspiration from her...

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    Sales SIF, January 07, 2021


    Don't you wish every morning started with time to put your feet up and enjoy a big cup of steaming hot coffee? You might have to plan for the weekend, but it's worth the wait. Bringing your family together around the Kettle is a great reason to get up!

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    Sales SIF, December 10, 2020


    Even if our stadiums are near-empty with fake crowd noise and cardboard cutouts, we can still enjoy a modified version of our most beloved tradition as Tailgating becomes HOMEgating.

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    Sales SIF, December 03, 2020

    Cozy up to Comfort at Home with these Open-Fire Cooking Tips

    We’re setting you up for success with some fire building and tending tips from cooks featured on our Hot Seat. That way, you can concentrate on those s’mores and smiles as the nights begin to call for a warm blanket.

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    SIF Lifestyle, November 11, 2020

    THE HOT SEAT: Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware

    Isaac Morton's passion for quality cast iron cookware led him to found Smithey Ironware Co. and his love of open fire cooking made our Kettle the perfect addition to his backyard. 

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    SIF Lifestyle, October 06, 2020



    Going out to the movies in your own backyard is the perfect way to spend your evenings this Fall and through the Holidays. It's cozy, easy, and the Snack Bar always has your favorites!

    It can be as simple as a sheet and projector. Or, make it...

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    Sales SIF, September 24, 2020

    THE HOT SEAT: Kristian Niemi of Bourbon & Black Rooster

    Cooking and entertaining are an integral part of this chef’s life, and he brings life to any event when he’s participating in it, especially if there’s something to be cooked over an open fire on a Sea Island Forge Kettle.

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    SIF Lifestyle, September 03, 2020



    This year we’ve all been home more than we’re used to, maybe more than we’d like! And whether it’s families with children or empty-nesting couples, the struggle is real to keep dinner fun, interesting, and healthy (maybe). Not to mention more cooking at home usually means more...

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    SIF Lifestyle, August 12, 2020