Sea Island Forge | Gallery
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A history of artistry and excellence –
Apex and Sea Island Forge


From the hand forged chandeliers of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah to the intricate metalwork found at world class Sea Island Resort, the hallmark of APEX and Sea Island Forge is thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed metalwork.  Sea Island Forge and APEX have been tapped by architects, interior designers, and private individuals to create truly one of a kind visual experiences. The gallery showcases this range of work from private residences to commercial projects.

The team of seasoned metal smiths and blacksmiths are skilled artisans working in a range of metals including copper, zinc, brass, bronze, tin, pewter, aluminum and steels – stainless, ballistic and mild.  To inquire about custom design services and metalwork, please contact Steve Schoettle at 912-580-0346