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Forge Family

“This is what life is all about”

Forging a new beginning…

For over 20 years, Sea Island Forge co-founder, Steve Schoettle, has worked as a professional contractor, building and remodeling upscale homes in Georgia’s Golden Isles, St. Simons and Sea Island. Along his journey from art major at Auburn University to becoming a licensed builder, Schoettle took an interest in the art of welding. After years of perfecting his trade, he added a metalwork division to his construction business.

Sea Island Forge is a natural extension of my existing design business.  “We are excited to take years of experience in the trade and apply them to a different selection of products geared toward outdoor entertaining.”

In 2014, after years of conversations and planning for the next phase of their lives and their kids both attending college, did Steve and his wife Sandy, an accomplished photographer and artist, partner together to bring the idea of Sea Island Forge to life

Together, the Schoettles are building their brand, harvesting the experiences of other people and sharing their own. Outdoor gatherings with family and friends around a roaring fire are important elements of their family’s lifestyle – simple, meaningful traditions that they wish to share with their clientele through the designs of Sea Island Forge.

Meet Our Team

Steve & Sandy Schoettle


Like many couples whose children have left the nest, Steve Schoettle and his wife, Sandy, found themselves enthusiastically planning for the next phase of their lives. With respective backgrounds in construction and art, the Schoettles envisioned a business that combined their talents, business savvy and creativity with their passion for entertaining and travel. Sandy explains, “We took our ongoing conversations and ideas – many of which originated over a meal by an outdoor fire – and started a company that we could transition into, travel with, entertain, and meet new people. Hence the birth of Sea Island Forge.”

Thank you for visiting our website, it’s our goal to bring you and the people important to you back together laughing and telling stories around the fire.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, want to discuss a custom job, or just want to say hello, please email or call, we’d love to hear from you.

Randie Whisenant

Metalsmith, Bladesmith, Designer

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