Around the World On the Kettle: Switzerland


While we wait for the travel gates to re-open, we’re revving up our home cooking with some international cuisine on the Kettle. First in this series, is a trip overseas to Switzerland and back in time to a dish popular with the maxi-dress & leisure suit set of the 1970’s - Fondue. While the leisure suit should stay gone forever, the maxi-dress and fondue are enjoying a second go ‘round.

Fun for a group, deliciously decadent, and super easy, at its most basic fondue is a pot of warm, creamy cheese with forks for dipping bread, meats and veggies. Of course, you can be as creative as you like. Here’s our Kettle-side version of Flaming Fondue.

With just the Griddle and a Side Kick, you can prepare everything for a 3-course meal.

  • Pots of cheese dip stay warm on the Griddle or Side Kick. 
  • While veggies and meat cook, dip crudite vegetables and breads or soft pretzels as an appetizer.
  • We chose a Pimento Cheese and a Greek Feta dip. (see recipes below)
  • Once cooked, the meats can be eaten alone or also dipped. 
  • We cooked Kielbasa sausages on the Twisted Roasting Forks and lamb meatballs, peppers, & new potatoes on the Skewers directly on the Griddle to get even cooking. 
  • All items can be cooked on the Grill as well as the Griddle

Fondue dinner on the Kettle

We love this type of leisurely, casual cooking. Take your time and eat standing or seated by the Kettle No need to even set a table! Afterward, move the Griddle to a safe place for cool down, put your feet up on the Boot Rail, and enjoy lingering by the fire. 

And about that 3rd course….

  • Put a pot of chocolate or salted caramel on the Side Kick
  • Dip fruits, cake squares of brownie bites to end the evening on a sweet note

Fondue dessert on the Kettle

Really, fondue should have never gone out of style!


  • Best cheeses for melting: Swiss, Gruyere, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Fontina
  • Before grilling New Potatoes, parboil 5-7 min until barely fork tender. Drain and run under cold water. Toss in olive oil, season, thread on Skewer and place on Grill or Griddle. 
  • Frozen Meatballs work just as well as homemade
  • Use pre-packaged Caramel Dip (in the produce section) and top with Sea Salt or Kosher Salt. 

Pimento Cheese Fondue

Mix of Monterey Jack, Extra Sharp White Cheddar, Yellow Cheddar cheeses - grated

Mix in diced Pimento

Dash of Cayenne Pepper

Worcestershire to tast

Mayo to desired consistency


Greek Feta Fondue

8 oz Cream Cheese, cut in cubes

1/2 cup heavy cream

7 oz Greek Yogurt

2 cups shredded Mozzarella cheese

1 cup crumbled Feta 

1/2 tsp chili flakes

Zest of 1 lemon

1 tbsp chopped dill

1/2 tsp dried oregano

Garnish with chopped dill, halved cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives

In enameled pot, combine cream cheese and heavy cream over medium heat stirring constantly until cheese melts. Add Greek yogurt & mozzarella, stir until cheese melts and is stringy. Stir in remaining ingredients and garnish

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