Sea Island Forge | Charleston Wine and Food Festival
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Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Come and see us at the 2017 Charleston Wine and Food Festival. Sea Island Forge will be making their debut at this incredible event, from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. Our kettles will be featured as multiple chefs use them throughout the festival to prepare spectacular dishes. See below to learn where Sea Island Forge will be located throughout the weekend, and make sure to stop by, say hello, and learn a little bit more about the what makes our company and products so special to us.


Sea Island Forge can be found at the following locations throughout the festival.

  • Thursday (evening): Hooked on Bowens
  • Friday (evening): From Ashes
  • Saturday (All day): Marion Square in the Culinary Village in the “Fire” section
  • Sunday (morning/ afternoon): Sinister Siesta Brunch

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